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Uromaxx Formula for Treating UTI for Cats

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With time, as your cat gets older, he or she commonly have a major chance of suffering UTI inflammation and/or infection. This happens because of your cat’s body has internal changes as he or she ages, like changes in the urinary tract itself or decreased kidney functions. The older the cat, the greater the chance for this to happen.


Antibiotics are the typical way of treating your cat with urinary tract infections (UTI), but in most cases, bacteria is not the cause of the inflammation. Bacterial inflammation happens in about 5% of the cases only. In the other non-bacterial cases, antibiotics are not suitable or recommended, as there is an inflammation, but not caused by germs.


Uromaxx formula is a completely natural treatment, which contains cranberry juice extract, glucosamine and vitamin C. It is liquid and can be mixed with food or directly fed to your kitty’s mouth. It contains no sugar or starches, no salt, no milk, no soy and no wheat.


Duromaxx is intended to be used daily, not only to help cats with urinary tract problems, but also to prevent it from happening on cats that have not developed the illness.


If you find blood in the urine of your kitty, the most common cause is a stone (crystals stone) or irritation in the bladder internal layer caused by an unknown reason. Though as in most cases, it might not bacterial, it is a serious case that would require a veterinary inspection. While you can have a vet see your kitty, you may administer Uromaxx to your kitty and make sure you provide plenty of clean drinking water and moist cat food instead of dry food for the purpose of extra liquid intake. Please, always avoid tap water as many cats dislike chlorine and we need him or her to get the most water he or she can.


Symptoms of a cat suffering from URI:

  • Many attempts to urinate – Cats with UTI often try to urinate many more times than it used to be normal.
  • Straining when urinating – Inflamation or possible stones may obstruct the urinary tract.
  • Painful Urination – Sometimes he or she will leak, showing discomfort in the area.
  • Urine with blood.



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