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TabCat Cat Tracking and Locator Collar

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The TabCat cat locator collar from the brand “Loc8tor”, is a collar for tracking your kitty and finding it in the vicinity of a maximum of 200 to 400 feet (122 meters) in line of sight distance. If you are looking where is he or she hiding in your home or in the neighborhood, this is perfect for you! But if your pet has gone farther than that, often with a small walk around the neighborhood will give results.


It comes with a handset that will lead you to your beloved pet with sound and visual signals and includes two tags (for two cats). No SIM card needed, no subscription or monthly service needed. The product uses its own RF system, which is not dependent of GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi or any other wireless technology.


A nice feature is a beeping sound in the collar that can be activated from the handset. You can take advantage from that to teach or train your cat (maybe with treats) that it is time to come home. The same as when you sound something and give him or her a treat, he or she will associate the sound with the reward and will come running every time it sounds.


The CatTag is made splash proof, you know, it’s a cat! 🙂 It is also comfortably small and very light weight (6 grams).


The package contains:

2 Locator Tags
1 Handset
2 Splash-Proof Cases






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Additional information

Weight 0.049 lbs
Dimensions 0.83 × 0.64 × 0.09 in





Tabcat Cat Tracking Collar


Black, Grey, Teal






1 Lithium battery (CR2032)

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