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Self Washing and Flushing Cat Litter Box

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Well, this one have it all… This automatic and self cleaning cat litter box literally flushes the waste products of your cats, like a normal toilet would do! It comes with all you will need to have it working and connected to a cold water supply and electrical supply. As the manufacturer quotes “The world’s only self-washing cat box.¬†You will never touch, change or buy cat litter again.“.


This box use a reusable washable granules instead of normal cat litter. As you would guess by the way this cat litter box works, there will be absolutely no smell, no germs and no cat litter pouring, cleaning and replacing, as this one flushes, washes and dries itself. See? Even cats are entering into the robotics era!


This automatic cat litter box comes with supplies for 2 to 3 months. Supplies are claimed to be less expensive than cat litter. You may selsct to use it in one of 4 available modes (cat1, cat2, cat3 or cat4). Each mode will determine “On” time and “Off” time, including time delays to activate after been used by a cat. All the information is available in the user manual. Good for one or multiple cats.


Note: Requires a cold water hookup and an electrical outlet. Please watch the video above as reference.


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Supplies for the CatGenie Automatic Litter Box


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Additional information

Weight 3.375 lbs
Dimensions 2.551 × 2.201 × 1.303 in













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