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Electronic Automatic Cat Feeder

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This electronic cat feeder is such a great feature that it really blew my mind. Think of the many situations that your cat will need this! This cat feeder automatically opens its cover when it recognizes the electronic collar tag that your cat will be wearing. No other pet or animal can feed of it without the chip key (of course, unless your cat invites a guest 🙂 ) The feeder closes its cover automatically when your cat finishes and go away.


If you have a dog, your dog will not be able to feed of your cat’s food, which can be harmful to dogs because of the high contents of protein anyway. It will also protect your cat’s food from roaches, flies, mice and other animals. If you have two cats and have two electronic cat feeders, each chip key will enable each cat to feed only from his or her electronic feeder. That is excellent if one of the cats has a medical condition and can not feed from the other cat’s food. Ideas are endless with this feeder.


Use 4 “C” size batteries, which will last up to 6 months. Has a low battery indicator. Batteries not included. One id tag is included, but recognizes up to 32 tags, so you can order more tags separately for more pets on the same feeder. Supports dry and wet food and has a capacity of 400 ml).


Included in the package:


1x Automatic Electronic Microchip Pet Feeder
Single Grey Bowl
Split Grey Bowl
Grey Mat
User Manual
1 x SureFlap RFID Collar Tag (Batteries not included)
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Electronic Automatic Cat Feeder

Electronic Automatic Cat Feeder 2


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Additional information

Weight 0.505 lbs
Dimensions 1.4 × 1.05 × 1.05 in













4 "C" Size batteries (Not Included)


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