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Drontal Broad Spectrum Dewormer for Cats

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Drontal tablets for cats to remove hookworms, tapeworms and large roundworms. It works for grown cats and kittens. There are many types of worms and Drontal is a broad spectrum de-wormer, meaning that it kills multiple types of worms in you kitty. This is good and a convenience at the same time, because there is no need of using multiple de-wormers and there is a better chance that worms will be killed if your kitty happen have more than one type of worm.


Worms are parasites that decrease the quality of live of your pet in different ways. In kittens, worms can be passed from their mother through the milk or while inside her. Grown cats can get worms from rodents or any other small animals they byte, eat or play with. Worms are a serious condition as some types of worms can threaten the live of your kitty and some worms could be accidentally passed to humans.



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