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Cats Herpes Management and Immune System Supplement

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Cat herpes? L-Lysine??


Yes, herpes type-1 is more common among kitties than not. L-Lysine is an amino-acid used for treating upper respiratory infections and for treating feline herpes. Since feline herpes needs arginine (another amino-acid) to multiply itself, and the fact that L-Lysine considerably reduces arginine, L-Lysine has been found to be a proven remedy to control the virus and lessen the symptoms, which already are very annoying for your poor kitty.


These are 500mg L-Lysine treats made by Vetoquinol. Only one L-Lysine chew daily, provides a complete nutritional supplement for treating the herpes conditions and also provides other benefits, like maintaining the immune system, eyes and respiratory tract of your cat healty. It also reduces the risk of other cats become infected.


These treats are very tasty (hickory smoked) and serve as regular treats for your kitty. So if you accustom to give your cat more than one treat chew every time, just combine the regular chews you give in one time with one of these treats. This is done once a day only. The rest of the day, just provide the regular chews you normally give your cat. This way, you ensure that your kitty gets his or her daily dose of L-Lysine.


This product will lessen the following symptoms of your cat if suffering from infection in the respiratory system or if suffering from feline herpes type I:


  • Sinus congestion
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Fever blisters
  • Sneezing or Cold sores


These Enisyl-F Lysine treats come in a resealable package to keep the chews fresh all the time.

Cats Herpes Management and Immune System Supplement


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