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Looking for the Perfect Cat Litter Box

Unlike dogs, cats are very particular when it comes to their bathroom habits and oftentimes, choosing the right litter box can be the key to avoiding a mess. This is particularly true if you happen to have an “apartment cat” like I did some years ago or even more if you have more than one cat.


Not all litter boxes are created equal and some cats feel attracted more than others, to litter boxes of a certain color, shape, size, feel and even smell. Yes, sometimes your kitty can be “picky”. Thanks God mine was not :-). Besides your cat litter box being a matter of “natural selection” for you cat, experts recommend having one more litter box available than the number of cats you have. So if you have three cats, the ideal number of litter boxes should be four. While this ensures that your cat(s) never go without a clean litter box, this of course, could also mean a breach in our budgets, as more litter boxes also means buying more cat litter. It also means extra work to have them all clean and ready.

Different Cat Litter Boxes

Here I have a list of several cat litter boxes that I think are perfect for different cases. One thing I’ve learned as I researched this topic is that there are plenty of cat litter boxes ideas in the market now a days and they come in all shapes, sizes, colors, prices and even automated and self-cleaning types. At least you will have plenty of ideas when you buy your next cat litter box.


In this list, you will find some cat litter boxes in this list that are suitable for multiple cats, some are for one cat but takes away all the hassle of cleaning and changing the cat litter as they are completely automatic and also there are simple boxes that can be bought in quantities for more than one cat.


Before I show the list, I need to mention that the cat litter to be used must be the “clumping type”. This cat litter type will immediately turn into clumps in contact with your cat’s urine or liquid waste materials. That way, feces and clumps can be removed all together with a cat litter scoop or will allow any automated litter box to remove it. Otherwise, urine and liquids not converted into clumps, like it would happen with no-clumping cat litter, would go down to the bottom of the litter box, making it impossible to clean this way and would require to empty the box, toss the cat litter and clean the box with water and soap, which is not the purpose here. All that hassle is eliminated with clumping cat litter to start with.

Crystal Cat Litter

Examples of clumping cat litter. One of the most recommended is crystal cat little, which absorbs much more than the normal clay cat litter:



Cat litter boxes


Litter Spinner Cat Litter Box


Litter Spinner - Cat Litter Box


Not only does Litter Spinner Litter Box feature an elegant design, but it’s also nice and compact enough to fit into most spaces. There are six different colors to choose from to suit your preference or even your furniture. It is good because it uses no electricity and requires little manual work – just one spin. It collects the waste products in a small drawer that is easy to remove and clean. This box takes advantage of cat litter in a way that allows to save the material, making it last more than in traditional ways by using a scoop. There is a demonstration video if you click on the picture.


Triple Tray Sifting Cat Litter Box Made by Luuup

Luuup Triple Tray Sifting Litter Cat Box

If you are after a budget-friendly option, then look no further, the Luuup litter box is for you. This one also requires some manual work, but as the other modern cat litter boxes in this list, no litter scoop is needed.


It features a set of sifting baskets, stacked one on top of the other, making it like a multiple filter to separate the clumps from the clean litter. The holes in the basket are aligned to cover one each other, preventing the cat litter to pass through it when stacked. The video you will see if you click in the image will make more sense about how it works. It’s a clever idea and it’s low cost.


Petsafe Scoopfree Self Cleaning Car Litter Box

Petsafe Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

This particular litter box comes with all the self-cleaning features that you’d expect from scoop-free litter boxes for cats, but at an affordable price point. It automatically cleans itself and the only maintenance it requires is that you remove the disposal tray once every few weeks, to be replaced by a new one. Another great feature in this self-cleaning litter box is its ‘health counter’, which tracks your cat’s bathroom habits to provide insights into its health condition. As far as the design of litter boxes for cats goes, this one sports a really cool white and purple design with little paw patterns at the entrance to guide your cat in. The privacy hood will give your cat the seclusion it needs to feel secure.


Petsafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Petsafe Automatic Self Cleaning Cat litter Box

Here is another product from Petsafe. This litter box is also automatic and self cleaning. The mechanism is a little different from the others as it uses a conveyor to collect the lumps and a spinning plate. Its low power consumption, its very low operating sound and very slow paced moves, allows it to clean the cat litter continuously. This self cleaning litter box is good for one to three cats, as its continuous cleaning work will ensure that clean litter is always available. The materials used in the construction of this unit and its mechanical operations are 100% safe for your kitties.

Littermaid Self Cleaning Litter Box

Littermaid Self Cleaning Cat litter Box

Here is the industrial version of all the self cleaning litter boxes. It is specially designed for houses with multiple cats and can accommodate up to two cats at the same time. It has a strong and durable mechanism, which is safe at the same time for your kitties. It employs several sensors to prevent accidents and to also prevent from getting damaged if it gets obstructed with cat litter or any foreign object or material that could be inside at the moment of cleaning. Because, as we all already know, our beloved cats love to play with just about any object and such objects could end up anywhere, including the litter box


Cat Genie Self Washing and Flushing Cat Litter Box

Cat Genie Self Cleaning and Flushing Cat Litter Box

Well, I would like to close with the fanciest cat litter box I found in my research. This one is called Cat Genie and not only cleans itself, but flushes too! It utilizes a special cat litter (granules) that is washable and reusable. Even when it also flushes, it uses cat litter because of the cat’s instincts and the need to dig while doing his or her business. It needs to be connected to a wall outlet and to the water supply. That is why it better installed in your bathroom or laundry room because of the need of a water line supply.


This is not only the fanciest cat litter box, but also the cleanest and fully odor-free available. No scooping, no germs, no funny smells, no handling litter ever again and it is claim that supplies will cost less than using traditional cat litter supplies.


This unit has a timer with different time durations (modes) that you can choose from, to set self cleaning and flushing action.


The kit comes complete with the actual litter box, all needed hardware for having it connected and working and free supplies for two to three months.




You are welcome to leave your comments or thoughts about these products or if you recommend others too.




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