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About Us

Hello to all!

Thank you for visiting my website. My daughter and my self are pet lovers and thought to build a website where we can publish products we think are useful for our pets. Some products are sold by our selves and some others are sold in market places like, and some others. We though that the rule we can set here is, if it works for us or any other reader or visitor and if it is safe and helps improve our pets life, we will publish such products here.  But… there is a thing. I love cats, while she loves dogs! Well, that’s ok I said to her. I will work on a website for cats ( and you will work in a website for dogs ( Problem solved!

We keep looking, researching and learning all the time about new products that we think are worth it when it comes to health and usefulness for our beloved pets. That is why you will never see listed here things like “shock collars for dogs” (or for cats). Believe it or not, cruel devices like those are being searched for thousands of times per month over search engines, like and, as we were shocked to find out in out study about what people look for, for their pets. We think it is a cruelty and such things should be banned. If someone does not love his or her pet, why having it in first place? Pets are all about love 🙂

Sorry for the rant…  Anyway, if the product “blows” our mind, we need to publish it in our website.

You are welcome to leave reviews in the product’s page or contact us for asking about the product or even leave suggestions about other products.

If you have questions or need assistance, you may send us a message by using the form in our CONTACT page. We receive many messages daily and reply in the same order they are received, but you can be sure that we get back to everyone. We love to hear from you and are always more than glad to help.